Letting Go, Rest, and the Autumn Equinox


The Autumn Equinox is the perfect opportunity to clear stagnant energy, release fear, grief, resentment and anger, and move into winter prepared to rest and recharge.

The energy I feel leading up to the autumnal equinox is always challenging. The first early frosts are especially difficult, and I will practically cover my entire house in frost cloth because I know we’ll have at least two more weeks of sun and warm afterwards.

I can’t bear the thought of creatures and pollinators who might arrive during the coming warm spell looking for food, but find nothing. All because I didn’t blanket my entire farm and every last plant on it to provide them with one last meal before the end of their life cycle.

But let’s get real and clear here. We know what it is, and it’s much more than the first killing frost. It’s a need for control, the fear of letting go, grieving, death, finality. It’s some heavy, heavy stuff. I would dare venture a guess that most of us as thinking, feeling women feel at least a small twinge of this every fall.

I still struggle to let go of things that no longer serve me well. My past life has revolved around my self worth being attached to everything I accomplished in work and in life, instead of myself as a person. It permeated my finances, personal relationships, tainted and each and every success.

During this time of letting go, gratefulness, and preparation, I would feel those past emotions and beliefs come creeping in more than any other season. It’s that feeling of the abundance of spring and summer slipping away and the scarcity of fall and winter settling in for a very extended stay.

In years past it could be paralyzing to me, both emotionally and physically, and I’ve needed to invest several years into clearing that energy and breaking through that cycle.

Last year I accepted that the stagnation and ill at ease feelings were of my own making. The simple anticipation of this so called “Fall Funk” I would throw myself into was the reason it happened year after year. I faced the realization that if I continued to do this, I would never enjoy the peace and rest that this season in our lives prepares us for.

Let go of what no longer serves you.

Be grateful for the physical and emotional nourishment that nature has provided for you during the summer, say goodbye to what will never be again, and allow her, and yourself, the time to prepare for rest now. Nature knows when that time is right and fighting to control it for her is not only useless, it’s damaging.

Do you feel the metaphors in what I just said? Trying to control and stop the inevitable ebbs and flows of life are damaging to your soul. Stop doing it because you cannot stop it. Your soul needs and deserves to rest without guilt, fear, grief and so so much baggage.

Be grateful, forgive, and move on to the next moment and live in that truth until the next moment arrives.

Today I have an entire day and evening ahead spent in the company of others who embrace similar life philosophies and connectedness to nature that I do. It’s a feeling I don’t think I’ve ever experienced before at this time of year, and certainly not on this level. I’m looking forward to being able to embrace it now with my whole heart.

I began today with Frankincense as always, and then diffused Forgiveness before I started the day. The oils in Forgiveness support us as we forgive ourselves and others while letting go of negative emotions. I’ve moved on to Inner Child as it is so wonderful for feelings of transition, and I’ll likely end the day with Release to help let it all go with grace and peace.

After today, there’s no more frost cloth friends. Both in my garden and metaphorically. just a grateful heart that is free from what no longer serves me, and ready to settle in and get cozy to rest and recharge for the long winter ahead.

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Letting Go, Rest, and the Autumn Equinox


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