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Epona Apothecary re-launches 8/1/2020

Herbs and Essential Oils

Since 2001 I’ve been creating bespoke apothecary products for people, horses and dogs with herbs and essential oils. Some of the many products I made and shared included shampoos, soaps,  salves, teas and tisanes, tinctures, and aromatherapy blends. I’ve been on a hiatus for a bit, but am happy to share that I am available once again to create for you and your amazing animals.

Working with me is different than purchasing an off the shelf product as it will be blended for you to order, and for the needs of your animals, and for yourself. I use only herbs, base ingredients and oils that are certified organic, or known to me personally to be of exceptional quality and ethically grown and produced, now including Young Living essential oils.

Bringing You the Best Essential Oils

It’s become increasingly difficult to source exceptional quality essential oils in recent years. Even more so now with COVID19. And since popularity of home use has grown, so has the unethical harvesting, over harvesting to the point of extinction, and contamination and adulteration of essential oils and the powerful medicinal plants they come from.

I know my choice to join Young Living will come as a surprise to many of my long time clients. I have been critical of them in the past. But is was never the oils or the company itself. I’ve always found each to be outstanding, however, I am not a proponent of Rain Drop therapy, especially not for our animal companions. I believe as sentient beings, they should be honored with the choice through selection of the essential oils we share with them in products and care. I also base all of my work with humans, animals, herbs and essential oils on science first, and safety always.

More Opportunities to Learn

With that safety and science always front and center in my work, I wanted to provide an option for my clients to easily buy the essential oils that I recommend for them, and those that they want to experiment with. I look forward to being able to host workshops and classes with ease, and to send you all off with the essential oils we discuss, or with a shopping list you can use at home.

I also look forward to helping those of you who have followed along and used my products over the years to expand your knowledge and even help you grow healing, thoughtful and heart centered businesses of your own. As a Serial Entrepreneur, I’ve bootstrapped and sold six successful ventures over the years, and as coach and equine assisted therapy professional, nothing makes me happier than helping people find their passion and reach their goals.

As you can see, this move is truly a win-win for me, for you, and for the animals we all cherish.

Online Store and Products

I will also have a line of gentle, safe, and versatile products available soon, as well as my “famous” horse treats! Please subscribe using the email form below to receive updates on when these products launch!

While you wait, if you’re curious about growing your own healing garden for yourself or your horses, dogs, and farm animals, I’d be happy to meet with your virtually for a garden planning and design session as your earliest convenience. You can learn more and book an appointment by clicking here.

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Epona Apothecary re-launches 8/1/2020


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“I contacted Colleen for help with my mare, Delilah, after purchasing her at auction. I did some detective work and discovered she had a past full of abuse, neglect and moved through several homes because of her behavior. She was having many issues like weight loss, ulcers and behavioral problems and I worked with my vet to try to keep treating it all. I was afraid that Delilah might be beyond help. I found Colleen through a mutual friend and she showed me how Delilah’s past and emotional health, and my own fears and doubts about it all, kept her stuck in a cycle of unwellness. With Colleen’s help I learned how to be present for Delilah in the way that she needs me most, and how to help her as she recovers. I’m happy to say that after a 6 months of hard work, my girl is on her way to a fresh start and we’re accomplishing things together that I didn’t think were possible.”

-Andrea R.