Dear clients and friends,

I have put my 2020 on farm coaching with the horses on hold, and will resume when we are able to return to our way of working together as usual. The natural environment, closeness, and raw emotion that we experience in our work together is difficult, if not impossible, to make compliant for COVID19 restrictions. 

To remain connected and of service to you, I have decided to shift my focus away from the farm, gardens and horses outward to virtual coaching. At first I wasn't sure what that would look like for us all, and even though I have been utilizing virtual methods of teaching, coaching and sharing for years, this was one area of my life that felt best kept in person. Those wordless intimate moments are difficult to share without the touch of the horses, whisper of the wind, and natural environment surrounding it all. 

Until we can resume our work on the farm, I will be offering online classes and coaching with aromatherapy and essential oils for new and existing clients. Mindfulness, breathwork, intentional living and personal growth remain my wish for you and I believe that we can still accomplish that together, even in these challenging times. 



“I contacted Colleen for help with my mare, Delilah, after purchasing her at auction. I did some detective work and discovered she had a past full of abuse, neglect and moved through several homes because of her behavior. She was having many issues like weight loss, ulcers and behavioral problems and I worked with my vet to try to keep treating it all. I was afraid that Delilah might be beyond help. I found Colleen through a mutual friend and she showed me how Delilah’s past and emotional health, and my own fears and doubts about it all, kept her stuck in a cycle of unwellness. With Colleen’s help I learned how to be present for Delilah in the way that she needs me most, and how to help her as she recovers. I’m happy to say that after a 6 months of hard work, my girl is on her way to a fresh start and we’re accomplishing things together that I didn’t think were possible.”

-Andrea R.


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