Essential Oils


Essential oil infused sea salt blends with herbs and spices are an easy and fun way to make day to day cooking feel gourmet. But they’re also a perfect gift idea for the food lovers on your holiday list. If you’re from the Finger Lakes region, there’s a very good chance that you visited Taste. […]

Essential Oil infused Sea Salt Recipes Perfect for Gift Giving

A whitewashed background with a wooden bowl of chili and lime essential oil infused sea salt. There is a spoon with the salt, chili flakes, and a bottle of young living Vitality Lime essentil oil

Encourage healthy mane and tail growth with this nourishing DIY mane and tail conditioner recipe for horses, mules and donkeys. It’s easy to make, smells amazing, and is a great gift for your horse loving friends. You can even use it on yourself 😉 My life with essential oils, aromatherapy and natural living started thanks […]

Nourishing DIY Mane and Tail Conditioner

an Amber glass bottle with script letter that says Unicorn Mist

The Autumn Equinox is the perfect opportunity to clear stagnant energy, release fear, grief, resentment and anger, and move into winter prepared to rest and recharge. The energy I feel leading up to the autumnal equinox is always challenging. The first early frosts are especially difficult, and I will practically cover my entire house in […]

Letting Go, Rest, and the Autumn Equinox

Sometimes you just want to have a little fun with your oils, right? Well, here is a simple and easy recipe that makes your house smell like yummy candy apples while cleaning your air with Thieves. Win-win!

Candy Apple Diffuser Blend

Candy and nut covered apples on a white flat lay background

Today most of my friends are sending their kids back to school. But this time they are doing it after 6 months of confusion, isolation, quarantine and trauma in the wake of the initial COVID19 outbreak, and now in its lingering aftermath. For the last decade and then some, I was blessed to work as […]

Back to School Breathing Technique with Grace and Gratitude

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After a very long and unusually hot summer it looks like we might finally be receiving some cooler weather. Can I get an Amen?!? I’ve missed doing many things I love this summer, and taking long walks in the woods is one of them. I’ve avoided it because the lack of rainfall and heat left […]

Walk in the Woods Diffuser Blend


“I contacted Colleen for help with my mare, Delilah, after purchasing her at auction. I did some detective work and discovered she had a past full of abuse, neglect and moved through several homes because of her behavior. She was having many issues like weight loss, ulcers and behavioral problems and I worked with my vet to try to keep treating it all. I was afraid that Delilah might be beyond help. I found Colleen through a mutual friend and she showed me how Delilah’s past and emotional health, and my own fears and doubts about it all, kept her stuck in a cycle of unwellness. With Colleen’s help I learned how to be present for Delilah in the way that she needs me most, and how to help her as she recovers. I’m happy to say that after a 6 months of hard work, my girl is on her way to a fresh start and we’re accomplishing things together that I didn’t think were possible.”

-Andrea R.


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