Book Review: Oil and Glass

Essential Oils

There are two things that virtually guarantee a successful learning experience when it comes to essential oils. The first is access to the very best oils made, the second is education.

The internet has made it easy to learn, you’re here reading this, right? It is an ahhhhmazing tool, but for every great recipe or learning tool there is what seems to be a million that are not so good, and some are actually dangerous.

Just last week I saw a post on social media about people having lots of burning and discomfort after making an eye lash serum that had Rosemary essential oil in it.

Rosemary is considered a hot oil. It’s not one that should be used neat, there are also some precautions and contradictions for its use. Using it near the eyes is risky, using it as an eyelash serum can be dangerous because you just can’t guarantee that the person re-creating the recipe and using it will follow the recipe or the directions for use precisely.

Something else to bear in mind is that many sharers of recipes have little to no experience or education with oils. They share because they are trying to build a business. They may not even have tried the recipe themselves!

This is why one or two solid books on essential oils with tried and true, safe recipes is so very important to your success with essential oils, and learning to enjoy them in all sorts of ways. I have more books than I can count on essential oils and aromatherapy, but when I joined Young Living I decided to invest in a couple that were brand specific. One of those books was Oil and Glass by Life Science Publishing and The Essential Collective.

I need to come clean on this too…I bought it because it’s a gorgeous book and as a retired marketer and designer beautiful design still makes me swoon! Don’t judge me!

It is a gorgeous book, but it’s filled with 164 pages of safe, easy to make recipes for home, health and wellness, children, pregnancy, mind and body. While it is brand specific, the majority of the recipes could be made with other brands with some substitutions. The important part is that there are safe and excellent recipes for every skill level. You also don’t need inventory of the full Young Living oil catalog to enjoy it!

The book is $25 on Amazon and I feel it is a sound investment for anyone ready to take the essential oil journey. You can grab a copy by clicking here ** I think you’ll really love it, and even long time users like I am will find some very unique and helpful recipes for their day to day.

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Book Review: Oil and Glass


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