I'm a believer in slow living and mindfulness, and the power of using our intentions to manifest the lives that we want for ourselves. As a life and business coach, and equine assisted therapies professional, I've been helping people harness those beliefs for themselves, realizing their own personal power and north star since 2008.

On my little healing farm I've been blessed to watch people and animals blossom together surrounded by nature. I've witnessed things that can only be described as miracles, so many that I couldn't count them if I tried.  

I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am to pursue my hearts work with you, and help you find you hearts work and happiness for yourself.

essential oil +  plant lover, equine specialist + bodyworker, kitchen herbalist, business builder

I'm Colleen


Once upon a time I met a senior dog at the veterinary clinic I was working at. He was very ill, and his body was struggling to fight off the effects of his many serious allergies. He was surrendered with the hope that a home could be found that could afford his mounting monthly care costs, or he would be euthanized. 

After weeks of hopeful encounters that never came to be, our sweet Buddy was starting to become depressed. The decision was made to let him go, but not before he could spend one last long weekend at home with a family to play, be loved, and spoiled. That was more than 20 years ago, and we were that home. Buddy stayed, and he healed and thrived. It became the start of what feels like a lifetime of herbs, essential oils, and the empowering magic of animal assisted therapy.

Our farm was first established in the early 1800's, and remained in the same family until it was graciously shared with us in 1999 to make new beginnings here. We bought it for the barn instead of the house, and my barn remains the starting place of most every crazy idea that bring to life. I took my love of plants further in 2018, and became a certified garden coach with Gardenary. Now I can bring a little bit of our farm to people all over the world. 

We use only organic and biodynamic management method here, and grow hundreds of culinary and medicinal plants each year.

Epona Farm

I was a full stack web developer, and brand and marketing specialist for more than 20 years. I'm also a Serial Entrepreneur who bootstraps businesses and sells them as ready made solutions to help ensure success for first time business owners 

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Always by nature first, then by people who are doing amazing things in the community and world. 

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As founder and director of an innovative equine assisted therapies program I helped hundreds of children and adults with special needs achieve life changing goals.

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Spent in the company of horses, dogs, plants, and my husband making potions and helping people and animals live their best lives

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This one is easy...my farm. But if I couldn't be here, give me any place off the grid where there is a crystal clear view of the sunrise and sunset every day

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oils - horses - plants


because it's nice to know who people really are, right?

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“I contacted Colleen for help with my mare, Delilah, after purchasing her at auction. I did some detective work and discovered she had a past full of abuse, neglect and moved through several homes because of her behavior. She was having many issues like weight loss, ulcers and behavioral problems and I worked with my vet to try to keep treating it all. I was afraid that Delilah might be beyond help. I found Colleen through a mutual friend and she showed me how Delilah’s past and emotional health, and my own fears and doubts about it all, kept her stuck in a cycle of unwellness. With Colleen’s help I learned how to be present for Delilah in the way that she needs me most, and how to help her as she recovers. I’m happy to say that after a 6 months of hard work, my girl is on her way to a fresh start and we’re accomplishing things together that I didn’t think were possible.”

-Andrea R.


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