epona farm est 1999

Since 1999 our farm has been managed organically and tended with love. We specialize in Therapeutic Agriculture, and are pioneering a holistic system that combines all the life changing opportunities for personal growth and improved wellness that come from horticulture and growing food, raising livestock, as well as a solid foundation in home economics and the lost art of Cookery. We grow a seasonal market garden, as well as numerous rare heirloom perennials and native medicinal herbs and plants.

At the center of our Therapeutic Agriculture system are our working and retired therapy horses who have helped hundreds of children and adults with medical disorders and disabilities achieve life changing goals, and continue to provide equine assisted opportunities during the Summer and Fall each year.

We hope you’ll enjoy this journal of recipes, gardening tips and designs, work with our beloved horses and animals, as well as literary glimpses into our life around this small and very loved farm.

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Meet Colleen


I’m Colleen Cheechalk, and I’m a therapeutic rehabilitation and wellness professional specializing in therapeutic horticulture, equine assisted therapies, and Hippotherapy. In my spare time I LIVE to COOK and have dabbled in the culinary industry for many years and love to teach people about the lost art of Cookery. Long story short, I’ve been cooking, growing and helping people with special needs on my organically managed horse farm for almost 20 years and I’m so happy to have the opportunity to bring it all together here on my new website.

Whether you’re looking for a great recipe, ready to start growing your own healthy foods, or looking to learn more about functional wellness and options for therapy with horses, I’ll be here with a helping hand to guide you through every step.