In 1999 we purchased Epona Farm to be our escape from city living, and the chance to fill our daughter's life with natural opportunities. Over the years it not only became our haven, but also a non-profit sanctuary for those living with difficult life circumstances, and animals in need of new beginnings.

Our gardens have been filled with unique, rare, heirloom culinary and ornamental herbs, perennials, scented geraniums, lavender and sage. Colleen turns these beautiful plants and flowers into delicious and healing teas, and adds them along with the vegetables and fruits we grow to recipes she develops and trials for blogs, restaurants, and for the wellness and educational programs she offers with the horses, and her therapeutic horticulture programming.

Today the farm continues to grow, and we sell our herbs, teas and other farm products at area farmers markets, pop-up shops and through our seasonal Taste cooperative. Colleen continues to work with the community offering health and wellness programs, and equine assisted therapies and activities, and is looking forward to seeing new clients for rehabilitation, learning, and wellness in the spring of 2018.

Our farm is not certified organic due to the high cost involved with the certification process. However, we have worked hard to grow our plants as organically as possible for 17 years, without the use of dangerous pesticides or other chemicals that can hurt the environment, our family and pets, or yours.